Ordered some legal smoke and herbal incense and it came in today it is called wicked X and wicked xxx this stuff gets you high legally , the legal way to smoke bud without having to worry about a drug test or getting in trouble as … this is not legal in every state , so be careful and make sure it is legal where you live before you buy any. i would reccomeend this to any smoker as i do NOT smoke marijuana or any other type of drug . I simply burn insence… not for consumption and must be 18 years of age to buy. also a 1903 Gold Indian head cent i picked up, for all you hippy stoners, many flavors such as Grape , strawberry original, blurberry .. ect… i could go on for hours about this but im not going to you will have to get some for yourself and try it out if you do not belive me . peace REMEMBER NOT INTENDED FOR CONSUMPTION

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